"To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood and made us a kingdom" - Revelation 1:5-6

True Freedom Ministries is an independent, evangelical, non-profit organization dedicated to reaching those locked behind steel doors in jails and prison all across Ohio, those trapped in homelessness on the streets, those abandoned in nursing homes all across Northeast Ohio, and those shackled in addictions with the message of the true freedom that is found only in Jesus Christ.

As you learn more about how True Freedom Ministries shares the truth of God’s Word, please prayerfully consider how you can help in supporting True Freedom Ministries with a gift.

True Freedom Ministries
Information Brochure

Download this printable PDF highlighting the ministries and the different ways you can support True Freedom Ministries. 

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Men’s Prison Ministry

Visiting every prison in the State of Ohio, our goal is to assist every inmate to become committed followers of Jesus Christ. Read More >

Womens Prison Ministry

Because the female prison population is growing so rapidly, True Freedom Ministries is dedicated to meeting the spiritual needs of this expanding mission field. Read More >

Juvenile Prison Ministry

Cultivating friendships and bringing young men and women the loving message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Read More >

Homeless Ministry

A team of over 40 dedicated volunteers who faithfully serve hot meals and the love of Jesus Christ to the homeless every Saturday; rain or shine, sleet or heat. Read More >

Addiction Recovery

Each week, thirty to forty people gather at the True Freedom Ministries offices to find support, accountability and the life-changing power of Jesus Christ to those seeking recovery from addiction. Read More >

Nursing Home Ministry

The Nursing Home Ministry is on the front line of evangelism, offering the hope of eternal life to those nearing the end of life. Read More >

True Freedom Ministries Changing Lives

Gary Koly and Mike Swiger have over 35 years of full-time ministry experience. After much prayer and consultation with their Board of Directors, in 2012 they launched True Freedom Ministries.

In 2014 alone, True Freedom Ministries taught the truth of God’s Word and brought the message of hope in Jesus to over 42,000..and there is still so many more to reach.


Professions of Faith from Inmates


Inmates Attended True Freedom Ministries Services


Individuals Fed Hot Meals


People Attended our Addiction Recovery Program


People Attended our Nursing Home Services

Over 3000

First-time professions of faith in Jesus Christ

  • "It is possible to make their way back to a normal life after prison. True Freedom Ministries gives them a hand to help them back up when the rest of society has marginalized them, but it also gives them a family to turn to and a support system on which they can rely."

    Mike Swiger