Mike Swiger speaks at Northeast Ohio Reentry Summit

On April 21st, Mike Swiger had the privilege of delivering the final address at the Northeast Ohio Reentry Summit that was held at the convention center.  Over 200 business leaders and correction professionals were in attendance. God continues to bless and open doors for True Freedom Ministries. 

Inmate is Blessed by True Freedom Ministries Discipleship

God continues to use True Freedom Ministries to disciple and give hope to those incarcerated. Below is a testimony from an inmate we serve:

“I thank God for this Alpha course cause it’s letting me know there’s still hope for me regardless of my stained past. No one told me at the age of 16 the streets would mess my life up. My life was to be centered on God, not self. It’s a blessing to be able to move from the wreckage of my past and know God still loves me. Ungodly attitudes and habits have hindered my relationship with God. Jesus is my second chance and He does not disappoint those who are seeking Him!

God allows U-turns to change and being responsible develops character.  If I wish to hold the hand of the world, I must let go of Jesus’s hand. So, in closing, please God, show me the truth about myself.  I feel I have overstayed my welcome and change is long overdue. I must never, ever forget this world is not my home!”

Please continue to pray that God would use True Freedom to point people toward our great Redeemer—the One who makes beauty from the ashes.

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God Changes Lives

Ty, a sixteen-year-old drug dealer, has been in jail three different times since the age of fourteen for carrying a gun. Just before his third arrest, he was involved in a shootout on the streets of Cleveland, being hit three times in his right leg and foot. Surgery left a steel plate in right foot; he will never run again. Instead, he walks with a limp.
When True Freedom Ministries first met Ty, he told us he was not going to give up selling drugs.

His father and mother are both drug addicts and dealers. However, by our third meeting, and by the amazing grace of God, Ty said he was willing to receive Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. This young man’s whole perspective on life has changed. Although a dropout at age 12, Ty now desires to return to school. He wants to stop selling drugs, and he dreams of a better life.

We praise the Lord for this miracle of a changed heart and a renewed mind.

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Recording artist Jul BIG Green Visits Juvenile Justice Center with True Freedom Ministries

Recording artist Jul BIG Green (aka Julien Huntley) went into the Juvenile Justice Center today with Pastor Mark Stradiot of True Freedom Ministries. Julien performed music and shared his testimony while Pastor Mark shared the gospel. They did a total of nine services in all five houses at the institution. A number of youth expressed a desire to know Jesus Christ as their Savior. Please continue to pray as we take the message of hope into the jails and prisons in Northeast Ohio.

Inmates From Grafton Correctional Institution Create Promotional Video

Inmates from the Grafton Reintegration Center made a one minute promotional video for our fundraiser dinner on Saturday, October 15th. It had a huge impact on our guests and shows how God is using TFM to point men to the Lord Jesus. We praise the Lord for the opportunity to serve in the prisons across the state of Ohio.

True Freedom Shares the Gospel to 150 Men in Prison


Today, True Freedom had a great opportunity to come to one of the 2 receiving centers in the entire State of Ohio.  We saw more than 150 men; 90% of them have only been in prison for 30 days. 
We were able to share the Gospel with them – at least 25 men made first time professions of faith today.  Pray for these men – that they would be changed.

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Alpha Film Series DVD’s Go Into Prisons All Over NE Ohio.


What a privilege to be able to resource True Freedom Prison Ministries with 5 of the new Alpha Film Series DVD’s to take into prisons all over NE Ohio. Thanks Frank Scalish, Mike Swiger, Gary Koly and ALL the other people involved with True Freedom for all you do to reach those who Jesus said “as you do to them—you do to me…”

If you’re interested in helping #RunAlpha in one of the prisons here in the NE Ohio area—contact the offices of True Freedom Ministries.

Video : Mike Swiger Tells His Prison Testimony


Alistair Begg Speaks in Local Cleveland Prison

True Freedom Ministries and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist George F. Will


GRAFTON, Ohio — The man at the front of the room in the prison here is talking about the institution’s culinary and hospitality training that will help some of his fellow inmates “give back to the community.” He will never get back to any community; he is serving a “double life” sentence. But because he is not going anywhere, he can provide leadership to those who are. Some will go to the 35 Cleveland restaurants that are eager to help themselves, and reduce recidivism while doing so, by hiring those who learn in prison to serve the food plate from the left and to remove it from the right. Small things learned inside can help people stay outside.

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