Mike Swiger Presents Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine with True Freedom Ministries Program

Executive Director Mike Swiger presenting to Attorney General Mike DeWine on our pre-release, pre-employment program that we hope to launch soon. This program will help with unemployment for those formerly incarcerated as well as reduce recidivism. Mike DeWine was very engaged and supportive of this initiative.

Local ABC Program Hosts TFM

News 5 Anchor and Multimedia Journalist Leon Bibb interviewed True Freedom’s Executive Director, Mike Swiger, for his Sunday show “Kaleidoscope.”

The program aired on Sunday, July 30th at 12:30 p.m. Mike invited TFM client Dennis Hagood to join him. Mike provided an overview of the ministry, while Dennis, who had been incarcerated for 31 years, explained how True Freedom had helped him during his lengthy stay, and more recently, with his re-entry into society. True Freedom continues to walk alongside Dennis, who is now working full-time at Consolidated Graphics. By God’s grace, he is firmly committed to Christ.

Leon Bibb, visibly moved during the program, closed the interview by making an on-air pledge to financially support our organization and stated that he wished he had more time to spend with True Freedom Ministries. We praise God for opening this door to share what He is doing through TFM.

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New Creations in Christ

Chaplain Jimmie Smith shared the following two testimonials:

First: A 17-year-old boy survived getting shot seven times in a shoot-out with a rival gang. Two bullets could not be removed from his body. The doctor called him a miracle. During his stay at the Juvenile Justice Center (his eighth time in jail since he was 12 years old), he met weekly with Chaplain Jimmie Smith. During a recent session, this troubled and wounded young man placed his faith in Jesus Christ! Now the young man wants to know God’s purpose for his life.

Second: The Juvenile Justice Center wants to baptize eight boys this summer during a special outside service. What a joy that these young men desire to publicly declare their union with Christ. Praise the Lord that Jesus is changing lives!

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True Freedom Ministries on Kaleidoscope July 30, 2017

News 5 Anchor Leon Bibb interviews Executive Director of True Freedom Ministries Mike Swiger along with Dennis Hagood who utilized the services provided by the organization discuss the organization’s purpose, services provided and who is eligible for assistance.

Michael Swiger Speaks at Northern Ohio Golf Charities

At the Northern Ohio Golf Charities appreciation party on Sunday, Michael Swiger, Executive Director of True Freedom Ministries, explained how NOGCF has helped his ministry and how much they mean to all of the charities who receive grants. He stressed how rewarding it is to step out of your comfort zone and volunteer for an organization that might challenge your views and beliefs. Mr. Swiger believes you will be truly touched when you help others because they leave a mark on you as much as you help them.