15 Young Men Baptized


Chaplain Mark Stradiot and Chaplain Jimmie Smith from True Freedom Ministries baptized 15 young men at the Juvenile Justice Center tonight.

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Mike Swiger Receives a Grant from In His Steps


Mike Swiger receiving a grant from In His Steps. We praise God for this Christ centered foundation.

Mike Swiger Gives the Keynote Address at “Making Ohio Community Safer”

Mike Swiger gave the keynote address at the fourth annual Summit, “Making Ohio Community Safer” Conference. He spoke to the  4 pillars necessary to make inmates successful for re-entry and to help reduce recidivism.

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True Freedom Shares the Gospel to 150 Men in Prison


Today, True Freedom had a great opportunity to come to one of the 2 receiving centers in the entire State of Ohio.  We saw more than 150 men; 90% of them have only been in prison for 30 days. 
We were able to share the Gospel with them – at least 25 men made first time professions of faith today.  Pray for these men – that they would be changed.

Please support True Freedom Ministries with a donation today to help continue the preaching of God’s Word to prisoners across Ohio.

Alpha Film Series DVD’s Go Into Prisons All Over NE Ohio.


What a privilege to be able to resource True Freedom Prison Ministries with 5 of the new Alpha Film Series DVD’s to take into prisons all over NE Ohio. Thanks Frank Scalish, Mike Swiger, Gary Koly and ALL the other people involved with True Freedom for all you do to reach those who Jesus said “as you do to them—you do to me…”

If you’re interested in helping #RunAlpha in one of the prisons here in the NE Ohio area—contact the offices of True Freedom Ministries.

August Monthly Report

August was an exceptionally busy month for True Freedom, with our various divisions reaching all new high levels of activity.  Year to date –  we have touched 37,264 souls!  The breakdown is as follows:

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TFM needs your help

As you can see, we are making progress by God’s grace. But we still have additional renovations that need to be completed. These include: renovating the kitchen so we can expand our homeless outreach, installing new flooring throughout the building, fixing the bathrooms, and installing ramps to make our building ADA compliant. In addition, we must install gutters, downspouts, a new roof, audio visual equipment for programming and worship services, fencing, lighting upgrades, a security/fire system, and, lastly, an outdoor maintenance shed for the lawnmower and other equipment.

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Volunteers step up to help TFM


Currently, we are working to retrofit this new building. We are making progress thanks to various volunteers and partners with True Freedom.

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God Gives TFM a New Building


We praise God for you, our ministry partners, who stand with us as we labor for God’s glory here in Ohio.

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